Spanish water colors of Laurentino Martí

The other day I saw some very interesting paintings of the Spanish artist Laurentino Martí. His pictures are very light and easy to perceive. I particularly like the impression that his paintings made on me and how they inspired me. I somehow felt the energy and the mood of the sunny day in Spain.

LM_1 0_88d91_a13a7cec_XL

His works are full of sun, life and energy.  His uses water colors that create the feeling that the picture is transparent. The artist pictures the world in the similar way as Renoir did. I can see that both artists were aiming at conveying the mood rather than the shape.  I can dare to compare them in their own light and adorable way to observe the usual things in more life loving style.

The usage of broad brush strokes and light pallet creates a positive and dynamic atmosphere of the Spanish streets and building.






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