Marco Mazzoni and his Colored Pencil Drawings

Now almost each contemporary artist is trying to find own way to picture the world, people and everything that surrounds us. That is why I am totally confident that the talent and the personality of the artist are those two factors that define the success of the work. And if the first can be developed by the practice and training, the second factor is so blurry and indefinable, that one can hardly describe what does the “personality” mean? This discussion has no end, but I can say for sure that the real artist has some inner fulfillment that is expressed on the canvas. This brings something unique to the theme of the painting and to the style that is used by the artist.

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Here I want to mention Marco Mazzoni as an artist whose art impressed me for the unusual view on the ordinary things. His Colored Pencil Drawings are influenced by the topic of nature. The fusion of the flora and fauna that symbolically frames the woman’s face emphasizes that unbreakable connection with the nature in all means. He wants his pictures to be perceived as a still life with the elements of the human face as the secondary part. The artist has an excellent drawing technique and a vivid imagination created a unique composition.


It was quite difficult to find the detail biography of Marco Mazzoni that can show us the motives and explain the reason why he came up with the decision to take this topic.  Marco is an Italian artist that was born in 1982 in Tortona. He now lives and works in Milan.


He has already managed to exhibit his works and he had couple of solo exhibitions:

La Natura Squisita. Oltre i confini del POP, Milan (2012)

River of Milk, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle (2012)

XsTY, Gallery B 15, Copenhagen (2011)

Summer Invitational Group Exhibition, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York (2010)

In one of his interviews he tells that he has a sketchbook where he practices his drawings at least one hour per day. He sketches out his ideas before working them into finished pieces and he started his path by copying some drawings of Rembrandt and Goya. Marco finds it very important to have a sketchbook to practice and make a mistakes.


In Galleria Patricia Armocida his works are described as such:

Mazzoni weaves a world based on Italian folklore, made up of Janas and Cogas, female figures who, according to Sardinian beliefs, seduce, enchant, curse, and heal. His work is an homage to the secret art of healers; each drawing is saturated with metaphors that tell their story. The circular compositions, which allude to the cycles of Nature, depict medicinal and lysergic plants, pollinator butterflies and birds which drink their nectar, and hidden amidst leaves and wings emerge the faces of these women forced to hide their sensuality and their knowledge due to bigotry imposed by religion, accused of witchcraft because they are herbarie, herbalists. Female healers and midwives held an important role within the community.


Marco Mazzoni underlines the importance of the interaction between the women and the plants by developing the subject that’s best known: the female face framed by flora and fauna, rendering it an icon. He reveals her innermost perceptions, memories scribbled on a diary page, highly imaginative visions of “impossible” animals, the fruit of ecstatic exploration of hallucinatory journeys.



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