Gregory Thielker’s windows view

Each of us sees the world form own perspective and from own special angle. It is very interesting to look at the same things from different points or through the eyes of other people. This is exactly the case with Gregory Thielker. Hi painting technique is so excellent, that he can easily picture the world through the car window during the rainy day. His style of oil painting is very close to the photography.  For the topic of his pictures he chooses the rain and it is possible to see the traffic light, other cars and some streets through the rain. The vague images make the impression of poetic uncertainly of life and lyrical mood.

You can visit his website and have a look at his other works

D-qdK8oWG1k GregoryThielker01 GregoryThielker02 GregoryThielker03 GregoryThielker04 GregoryThielker05 GregoryThielker06 GregoryThielker07 GregoryThielker08 GregoryThielker09 GregoryThielker10 GregoryThielker11 GregoryThielker12 GrzQ5RFSx1o jOvceZPR9R8 lg0ncop_LNs POdfcfcgvsc


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