Gil Elvgren illustrations

One of the best American pin up artists of the twentieth century. He is famous for his beautiful illustration of gorgeous and voluptuous women. The pictures have the spirit of US in its 50th and one can see the beauty and femininity of the women that are being painted. The ladies are usually captured in ordinary real life situations, however it cannot be called as realism as the subjects are sometimes taken from the content and the themes are sometimes exaggerated.

When I found these pictures and started digging deeper in Gils’ biography, I found out one very interesting fact. He actually user 32 colors palette to create his pictures. This palette is quite extensive which is unusual for the ordinary painter. But maybe this is exactly the reason why Elvgren’s works are so attractive for people. I must say that even the person who does not have a profound knowledge in art can always recognize his works.  That might be the biggest acknowledgement for the artist when he can be recognized by his pictures and his own unique style.

Gil_2 Gil_3 Gil_4 Gil_5 Gil_6 Gil_7 Gil_8 Gil_9 Gil_10 Gil_11 Gil_12 Gil_13 Gil_14 Gil_15 Gil_16 Gil_17 Gil_18 Gil_19 Gil_20 Gil_21 Gil_22 Gil_23 Gil_24 Gil_25 Gil_26 Gil_27 Gil_28 Gil_29 Gil_30 Gil_31 Gil_32 Gil_33 Gil_34 Gil_35 Gil_36 Gil_37 Gil_38 Gil_39 Gil_40 Gil_41 Gil_42 Gil_43

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