Kent Rogowski and his puzzled world


Researching and looking for new artists is a big and important part of my life. Each day I find some pictures that I have never even thought of and that surprise me in all senses. The art world is so dynamic and there are so many amazingly talented contemporary artists, thus it is understandable that they invent so many ways and techniques to picture the world in their own way.

I am always astonished how differently people can see the same things and how the skillful hand can express the whole range of moods and emotions.

These considerations were caused by the paintings of Kent Rogowski. He usually works with the picturing the a very beautiful places and landscapes in a jigsaw puzzled way.

One might also see the message behind the light and cheerful painting – everyone can take the same set of the puzzle pieces, put them together as it is desirable and mix them randomly – and it still will make sense. Puzzles are the most standard process, and there is no other way to put them together in other way. However here it is shown that there are many ways to do the same things and it can be very successful.

Additionally I cannot help mentioning the colors and shades that Kent used for the creating of these very light and sunny paintings. His palette ranges in the extensive usage if yellow, all shades of blue and red. The main topic of the pictures is the nature and the main elements are flowers, trees, mountains and the beautiful light blue sky.

36 56 66 76 85 95 110 Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_1-8x10 KentRogowski00 KentRogowski04KentRogowski01 KentRogowski02  KentRogowski05

KentRogowski06 KentRogowski07





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