George Braque and the transition of his style

“The things that Picasso and I said to one another during those years will never be said again, and even if they were, no one would understand them anymore. It was like being roped together on a mountain.” – famous saying by George Braque about the times when he was working with Picasso.


GBraque_ GBraque_1 GBraque_2 GBraque_3 GBraque_4 GBraque_5 GBraque_6 GBraque_7 GBraque_8 GBraque_9 GBraque_10 GBraque_11 GBraque_12 GBraque_13 GBraque_14 GBraque_15 GBraque_16 GBraque_17 GBraque_18 GBraque_19 GBraque_20 GBraque_21 GBraque_22 GBraque_23 GBraque_24 GBraque_25 GBraque_26 GBraque_27 GBraque_28

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