Pop art movement of Alex Katz. Women.

Alex Katz is one of the greatest representatives of the Pop art movement. His is mainly associated with the large-sized colorful simple lined painting of the american society in the late 50th. The main topic of his paintings was one person or the group of people at their leisure.

My favourite topic of his paintings is the woman’s face painted with the great attention and care. His wife Ada has been the subject of many of his works, being painted alone or together with him.

KATZtheredbandKAT0025 KATZjanuaryiiiKAT0010 AKatz_sharon AKatz_samantha AKatz_red-smile AKatz_Kate AKatz_dawn AKatz_Amanda AKatz_47 AKatz_45_bathing_cap AKatz_42 AKatz_40 AKatz_35 AKatz_34 AKatz_33 AKatz_33 (2) AKatz_32 AKatz_31 AKatz_27 AKatz_26 AKatz_23 AKatz_19 AKatz_18 Alex Katz: Dark Brown Hat, 2002 AKatz_15 AKatz_14 AKatz_11 AKatz_10 AKatz_9 AKatz_2

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