Fernando Botero’s world

Fernando Botero is a Columbian artist famous for the picturing of people on exagerated scale.

He is brilliant at making a parody of the most famous painting, such as Mona Lisa of Da Vinci, Sunflowers of Van Gogh,  Velazquez, Vermeer, etc.

Fernando Botero_1 Fernando Botero_2 Fernando Botero_3 Fernando Botero_4 Fernando Botero_5 Fernando Botero_6 Fernando Botero_7 Fernando Botero_8 Fernando Botero_9 Fernando Botero_10 Fernando Botero_11 Fernando Botero_12 Fernando Botero_13 Fernando Botero_14 Fernando Botero_16 Fernando Botero_17 Fernando Botero_18 Fernando Botero_19 Fernando Botero_20 Fernando Botero_21 Fernando Botero_22 Fernando Botero_23 Fernando Botero_24 Fernando Botero_25  Fernando Botero_27 Fernando Botero_28 Fernando Botero_29 Fernando Botero_30 Fernando Botero_31 Fernando Botero_32 Fernando Botero_33 Fernando Botero_35 Fernando Botero_334

Apart form that, he likes to picture nude women and still lifes. After the scandal with US soldiers in Iraq, he issued the series of over 80 paintings and drawings about the prisiners that were abused at Abu Ghraib prison.


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