Amelia White and her archetypes

Amelia Alcock-White is a Canadian painter who works in Pop Art genre. She usually depicts people in their usual environment, but she gives them a very emotional and colorful connotation. She extensively uses the archetypal figures that give the paintings a strong social undertone.

I particularly like this Art movement for the fusion of simplicity and hidden meaning. Also the artist has a great opportunity to show a very good technique and understanding of the human nature.

AmeliaWhite12 AmeliaWhite11 AmeliaWhite10 AmeliaWhite_16 AmeliaWhite_15 AmeliaWhite_14 AmeliaWhite_13 AmeliaWhite_12 AmeliaWhite_11 AmeliaWhite_10 AmeliaWhite_09 AmeliaWhite_08 AmeliaWhite_07 AmeliaWhite_06 AmeliaWhite_05 AmeliaWhite_04 AmeliaWhite_03 AmeliaWhite_02 AmeliaWhite_01

You can find more of her works by visiting her personal website.

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