Cozy mood created by Sandy Lynam

Sandy Lynam is a painter who performed her first oil painting in the second grade.

Later she gained a fame and admiration because of her particular attention to the details. She started selling her painting when she was studying in college in Mississippi. Sandy later received many awards and she became popular among the people who own the art collections. Today her works can be purchased in USA, Canada and Australia.

She paints both water colors and oils. She also writes books that are valuable for the pleasant tea session and she illustrated many of her books: Heirlooms from Loving Hands, And I Know He Watches Me, So Rare A Treasure, Blessings Among the Roses, When You Don’t Know What to Say, Seeing God’s Heart When You Hurt, Sandy’s Tea Society, Prayers in the Storms, When Friends Gather for Tea and Come to My Tea Party.

 Sandy 01 Sandy 02 Sandy 03 Sandy 04 Sandy 05 Sandy 06 Sandy 07 Sandy 08 Sandy 09 Sandy 10 Sandy 11 Sandy 13 Sandy 14 Sandy 15 Sandy 16 Sandy 17 Sandy 19 Sandy 20 Sandy 112 Sandy 1018

She founded the “Sandy’s tea society” where women keep their social relationships and share their creative ideas.
Sandy considers her paintings as a gift from above. Indeed, her pictures are very warm and pleasant to keep them at home. They convey the cozy mood and one can feel the atmosphere of a relaxing evening with your family and friends.

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