Jeremiah Stermer’s realistic surrealism

Jeremiah Stermer was born in Baltimore. He started his artistic path at the age of 11.

Jeremiah Stermer considers himself a realist – surrealist, meaning that the theme is always surrealistic, but the painting is made in a traditional way. He states that he draws and paints very naturally, and that he pays the particular attention on the air around the subjects of his paintings and considers the mood as the crucial element of his works.

He says: “After a life-changing NDE out-of- body experience when I was 30, I want my art to allude to that sampling of nirvana. I appreciate when someone says my work looks like a photograph, but my goal is for everything to look and feel real — to go beyond the purely visible”

Stermer_01 Stermer_2 Stermer_3 Stermer_4 Stermer_5 Stermer_6 Stermer_7 Stermer_8 Stermer_9 Stermer_10 Stermer_11 Stermer_12 (2) Stermer_12 Stermer_13 Stermer_14 Stermer_15 Stermer_16 Stermer_17


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