Thomas Saliot

Thomas Saliot lives and works in Paris and Marrakech. In this blog he writes that he was travelling and painting for the last 20 years. Thomas works with oils on canvas and the main subject matter of his work is a top model like woman at her leisure.
Thomas_Saliot_01 Thomas_Saliot_02 Thomas_Saliot_03 Thomas_Saliot_04 Thomas_Saliot_05 Thomas_Saliot_06 Thomas_Saliot_07 Thomas_Saliot_08 Thomas_Saliot_09 Thomas_Saliot_10 Thomas_Saliot_11 Thomas_Saliot_12 Thomas_Saliot_13 Thomas_Saliot_14 Thomas_Saliot_15 Thomas_Saliot_16 Thomas_Saliot_17 Thomas_Saliot_18 Thomas_Saliot_19 Thomas_Saliot_20 Thomas_Saliot_21 Thomas_Saliot_22


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