Paul Kuczynski and his satirical world

Paul Kuczynski is a Polish illustrator and drawer that covers the biggest preblems of the world and society though his illustration.

What is particularly special about him is that each detail of his pictures has the meaning and send the message to people. I like this art style especially for the fact that it makes people think and perhaps change the attitude and the view on some important aspects of life.

Kuczynski_11 Kuczynski_11 Kuczynski_12 Kuczynski_13 Kuczynski_13 Kuczynski_14 Kuczynski_15 Kuczynski_16 Kuczynski_16

Kuczynski_01 Kuczynski_02 Kuczynski_03 Kuczynski_04 Kuczynski_05 Kuczynski_06 Kuczynski_07 Kuczynski_08 Kuczynski_09 Kuczynski_10


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