Interior decoration by Angela Staehling

Angela Staehling is a beautiful woman who loves to picture the items of a happy and sufficient life. In her personal website it is written that she gets her inspiration from her Italian heritage and her love to wine and nice food. Angelas’s paintings serve in decorative purpose, but it can also be called as a work of art.

Her pictures have an amazing set of the things that make our life more beautiful. Nice cup of hot coffee, summer flowers in beautiful vases and attributes of fashion create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. When I look at her illustration, I get a really vintage mood and I feel like I dive into the old times when the chic and class played a very important role.

Staehling 01 Staehling 02 Staehling 03 Staehling 04 Staehling 05 Staehling 06 Staehling 07 Staehling 08 Staehling 09 Staehling 10 Staehling 11 Staehling 12 Staehling 13 Staehling 14 Staehling 15 Staehling 16 Staehling 17 Staehling 18 Staehling 19 Staehling 20 Staehling 21 Staehling 22 Staehling 23 Staehling 24 Staehling 25 Staehling 26 Staehling 27


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