Alberto Vargas

Alberto Vargas is the Peruvian artist who is another representative of the Pop-Art movement and as well as Gil Elvgen he is mostly associated with the pip-up girls.

He was primarily working with watercolors and airbrush and to acknowledge his talent, the Vargas Award was founded, awarded annually by Airbrush Action Magazine.

His women are always very feminine and elegant, being portrayed as a perfectly proportional divas.

Vargas_01 Vargas_02 Vargas_03 Vargas_04 Vargas_05 Vargas_06 Vargas_07 Vargas_08 Vargas_09 Vargas_10 Vargas_11 Vargas_12 Vargas_13 (2) Vargas_13 Vargas_14 Vargas_15 Vargas_16 Vargas_17 Vargas_18 Vargas_19 Vargas_21 Vargas_22 Vargas_23 Vargas_24 Vargas_25 Vargas_26 Vargas_27 Vargas_28 Vargas_29 Vargas_30 Vargas_31 Vargas_32 Vargas_33 Vargas_34 Vargas_35 Vargas_36 Vargas_37 Vargas_38 Vargas_39 Vargas_40 Vargas_41 Vargas_42 Vargas_43 Vargas_44 Vargas_45 Vargas_46 Vargas_47 Vargas_48 Vargas_49 Vargas_50 Vargas_51 Vargas_52 Vargas_53 Vargas_55 Vargas_56

3 thoughts on “Alberto Vargas

  1. “:The Vargas Award” was founded by the Airbrush Action Magazine was not founded with Vargas , the artist. They did not work with Vargas to form it.


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