Young and talented Kate Powell

Kate Powell is y very young artist who is working in an excellent pencil drawing technique.

She has her own blog, where she described herself as an emotional, romantic and impractical person. She is writing there about her emotions that are coming from her heart and about the feeling of superiority.

Kate Powell_01 Kate Powell_2 Kate Powell_3 Kate Powell_4 Kate Powell_5 Kate Powell_6 Kate Powell_7 Kate Powell_8 Kate Powell_9 Kate Powell_10 Kate Powell_11 Kate Powell_12 Kate Powell_13 Kate Powell_14 Kate Powell_15 Kate Powell_16 Kate Powell_17 Kate Powell_18 Kate Powell_19 Kate Powell_20 Kate Powell_21 Kate Powell_22 Kate Powell_23 Kate Powell_24 Kate Powell_25 Kate Powell_26 Kate Powell_27 Kate Powell_28 Kate Powell_29 Kate Powell_30 Kate Powell_31 Kate Powell_32 Kate Powell_34 Kate Powell_35 Kate Powell_36

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