Abstract World by Michael Page

Michael Page is an American artist who lives and works in San-Francisco.

He is mainly working with acrylic and oil and his pictures usually consist of symbolic and figurative elements. Though his works are psychologically complicated and they usually involve magical images, Michael does not consider himself as a surrealistic artist. Perhaps the fact that he is not looking for the opportunity to stand out and make something extremely unusual, his works are very sincere and unique.

Page’s drawing technique is excellent which gives him an opportunity to create a depth for his pictures. When you look at the tasteful palette and strict lines of the pictures, you would never tell that Michael page is actually self-taught artist and he attended the art school only one semester.

In one of his interviews he stated that his paintings have been often rejected by many Galleries. Despite this fact, this pretty young artist is already very famous and he managed to exhibit his works in many galleries around the world.

Michael-Page_01 Michael-Page_02 Michael-Page_03 Michael-Page_04 Michael-Page_05 Michael-Page_06 Michael-Page_07 Michael-Page_08 Michael-Page_9 Michael-Page_10 Michael-Page_11 Michael-Page_12 Michael-Page_13 Michael-Page_14 Michael-Page_15


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