Liz McKay and the smoky night life

Liz McKay is an contemporary figurative artist that who works with bright colors and cubistic shapes.

Liz McKay 01

McKay was born in Tasmania 1974. She was studying tradition & 3d animation, film and scriptwriting before becoming an artist.

She mainly focuses her attention on the intimate connection between two people surrounded by the jazz music and in romantic atmosphere. By picturing dancing couple in late night smoky restaurant she tries to show the essence of love and intimacy between man and woman.

Liz McKay 02 Liz McKay 03 Liz McKay 04 Liz McKay 05 Liz McKay 06 Liz McKay 07 Liz McKay 08 Liz McKay 8 Liz McKay 09 Liz McKay 10 Liz McKay 11 Liz McKay 12 Liz McKay 13 Liz McKay 14 Liz McKay 15 Liz McKay 16 Liz McKay 17 Liz McKay 19 Liz McKay 20 Liz McKay 21 Liz McKay 22 Liz McKay 23 Liz McKay 24 Liz McKay 25


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