Amedeo Modigliani – the greatest master of the portrait

Amedeo Modigliani is a great Italian artist who mainly worked in France along with Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera and other painters that were living in Paris at that time. He was mainly working in a portrait genre and he became famous for his style to paint faces in a mask like manner.

Here I must say that I adore Modigliani the most among the all the artists in the world. That is why I will write about him in a very special and personal way.

His portraits are certainly more than just a simple painting of the people’s face. Each of them has a unique coloring ranging from dark red and brown to light shades of beige. I must attract special attention to the depth of eyes of the picture subjects.

Surprisingly he did not become very famous during his life and he often was rejected by the galleries, he was heavily addicted to alcohol and nicotine, his lifestyle was quite loose and he did not stick to the social norms. He had tuberculosis in his childhood and he carried this disease throughout his life. This man was hiding his weakness and he tried to cover it under the ever cheerful mood and laud behavior. But people who knew him personally were aware of his deep though and philosophical considerations. He used to cite Nietzsche all the time and he was very involved in Philosophy itself.

Modigliani is also very famous because of his ability to perform the paintings of refine nudity. He was capable to see the beauty of the woman and to picture it in his own unique way.

He died from tuberculosis attack being very young and leaving the love of his life Jeanne Hébuterne pregnant with their second child. Jeanne was a subject of many of his paintings.

He had a short life of struggling and eternity of admiration for his works.

Modigliani 01 Modigliani 02 Modigliani 03 Modigliani 04 Modigliani 05 Modigliani 06 Modigliani 07 Modigliani 08 Modigliani 09 Modigliani 10 Modigliani 11 Modigliani 12 Modigliani 13 Modigliani 14 Modigliani 15 Modigliani 16 Modigliani 17 Modigliani 18 Modigliani 19 Modigliani 20 Modigliani 21 Modigliani 22 Modigliani 23 Modigliani 24 Modigliani 25 Modigliani 26


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