Eric Bowman and his Impressionistic works

Eric Bowman is an American artist who started his career as a commercial artist for many quite famous brands, like Coppertone, Nike, GTE, Hallmark, Kellogg’s, Nabisco. Now he is working with oils and his works are famous enough to be exhibited in many galleries and they reside in many privat and public collections. In his interviews he says that he is a self-taught artist and that he learnt to paint on his own. Eric also considers himself as a real Impressionist, and one can see the influence of Monet and Degas on his works.

Eric is a very distinct representative of the Impressionistic Movement. He uses very soft palette and vague lines. He is a master of pinting nude bodies in a very plain and minimalistic surroundings. His painting are more that just a picturing of people and objects, they show complicated emotions and fellings, especially this is readable in his pictures of the singing and dancing women.

He is already very famous around the world.

Bowman_1 Bowman_2 Bowman_3 Bowman_4 Bowman_5 Bowman_6 Bowman_7 Bowman_8 Bowman_9 Bowman_10 Bowman_11 Bowman_12 Bowman_13 Bowman_14 Bowman_15 Bowman_16 Bowman_17 Bowman_18 Bowman_19 Bowman_20 Bowman_21 Bowman_22 Bowman_23 Bowman_24 Bowman_25 Bowman_26 Bowman_27 Bowman_28 Bowman_29 Bowman_30 Bowman_31 Bowman_32 Bowman_33 Bowman_34 Bowman_35 Bowman_36 Bowman_37 Bowman_38 Bowman_39 Bowman_40 Bowman_41 Bowman_42 Bowman_43 Bowman_44 Bowman_45 Bowman_46 Bowman_47 Bowman_48 Bowman_49 Bowman_50



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