Still lifes performed by Janet Fish

Janet Fish is a contemporary American artist and a printmaker who is mainly associated with Realism movement. She specializes in still life paintings, though some of her pictures include figures and landscapes.

She was influenced by the abstract expressionism movement, particularly Willem de Kooning and pop art representative Alex Katz. With the time she did not find enough personal meaning in abstract art, so she turned to more realistic style, in addition some of her works have many elements of baroque in their complexity. Her works can be described as a skillfully performed painting of indoor and outdoor domestic life that usually includes the play of light, transparency and great composition of colors.

She is convinced that the still life style give a lot of freedom for the artist to include many objects and create the new world with the desired degree of aestheticism and beauty. Another aspect of her works is the palette she uses for her painting.

To sum up, Janet’s pictures create a wonderful cozy mood for people who appreciate the art and cause the admiration from people who know the art.

Janet Fish 01 Janet Fish 02 Janet Fish 03 Janet Fish 04 Janet Fish 05 Janet Fish 06 Janet Fish 07 Janet Fish 08 Janet Fish 09 Janet Fish 10 Janet Fish 11 Janet Fish 12 Janet Fish 13 Janet Fish 14

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