Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is a prominent Mexican painter who gained recognition for his large wall works in fresco. For some time he lived in Paris and worked with the most famous artists in the world, such as Picasso and Modigliani.

Rivera was also a representative of Post Impressionism, but later his developed his own unique style which included big simple figures and extensive usage of colors. One can track some influence of Aztec culture on Rivera’s art. In general his style was a fusion of cubism, impressionism, expressionism, etc. I can also say that one can see many symbolical elements in his works, especially in his frescos.

His radical communistic believes brought him to Moscow and connect him with many political leaders.

Regarding his personal life, there is so much to tell about him. He was always very keen at women and he had four wives and at least one illegitimate child. But the most famous relationships he had with Frida Kahlo. First he was her friend who supported her in paintings and turned her attention on her own talent. Their marriage was not perfect though, involving many scandals and unfaithfulness. They were even once divorced, but then they remarried once again. After she passed away, he realized that she was the best part of his life.

Rivera_93 Rivera_92 Rivera_91 Rivera_90 Rivera_89 Rivera_88 Rivera_87 Rivera_86 Rivera_85 Rivera_84 Rivera_83 Rivera_82 Rivera_81 Rivera_80 Rivera_79 Rivera_78 Rivera_77 Rivera_76 Rivera_75 Rivera_73 Rivera_72 Rivera_71 Rivera_70 Rivera_69 Rivera_68 Rivera_67 Rivera_66 Rivera_60 Rivera_59 Rivera_58 Rivera_57 Rivera_56 Rivera_55 Rivera_54 Rivera_53 Rivera_52 Rivera_51 Rivera_50 Rivera_49 Rivera_48 Rivera_47 Rivera_46 Rivera_45 Rivera_44 Rivera_43 Rivera_42 Rivera_41 Rivera_40 Rivera_39 Rivera_37 Rivera_36 Rivera_35 Rivera_34 Rivera_33 Rivera_32 Rivera_30 Rivera_29 Rivera_28 Rivera_27 Rivera_26 Rivera_25 Rivera_23 Rivera_21 Rivera_19 Rivera_17 Rivera_16 Rivera_12 Rivera_11 Rivera_10 Rivera_08 Rivera_07 Rivera_05 Rivera_04 Rivera_03 Rivera_02 Rivera_01 Rivera_


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