Harding Meyer’s vision on human face

Harding Meyer is a Brazilian artist that works with large-scale oil paintings that focus on human face only. He concentrates on the face as it is the only part of human body that can convey a large range of emotions, individuality, life experience and many other personal indicators.

I found a very long and interesting article on his blog that gives a detail description of his style http://hardingmeyer.tumblr.com/3.

Hia art is way more complex that it looks at the first glance and that is actually the most amazing feature of his works.

Harding Meyer_01 Harding Meyer_02 Harding Meyer_03 Harding Meyer_04 Harding Meyer_05 Harding Meyer_06 Harding Meyer_07 Harding Meyer_08 Harding Meyer_09 Harding Meyer_10 Harding Meyer_11 Harding Meyer_12 Harding Meyer_13 Harding Meyer_14 Harding Meyer_15 Harding Meyer_16 Harding Meyer_17 Harding Meyer_18 Harding Meyer_20


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