Andrew Annenberg

Andrew is an artist who combined photo realism and surrealism with the great attention to details. In a fact, his style is called as “visionary realism”. In his official biography it is stated that he combines The Primal, The Archetypal, the Mythological, the Ancient and captures the timelessness and the enduring nature of the spirit thoroughly using the modernistic concept.

Personally I admire the great attention to details and the fusion of many beautifully painted objects, just as the Old Masters did for their still lives.

Annenberg_01 Annenberg_02 Annenberg_03 Annenberg_05 Annenberg_06 Annenberg_07 Annenberg_08 Annenberg_09 Annenberg_10 Annenberg_11 Annenberg_12 Annenberg_13 Annenberg_14 Annenberg_15 Annenberg_16 Annenberg_17 Annenberg_18


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