Parisian life by Christa Kieffer

Christa Kieffer is a German artist born in Tubingen. She is primarily working with oil on canvas. What is particularly fascinating about her work is the ability to bring the viewer back to the romantic and eccentric time in Europe, so to say “the beautiful era”. The main subjects of her work are a Parisian ladies that are at their leisure with other people wondering along the Parisian streets.

She studied Art in Europe and then moved to the United States, working with such companies as Simon and Schuster, Caspari, the Royal Mail of England, Digitek corporation, Portal Publication and the NFL. But then she shifted to a more refine and emotional art. She states:

“I choose to paint this more gracious time when there seemed to be the perfect balance of excitement and leisure, movement and tranquility, small pleasures in the midst of architectural splendor’.

Now Christa is living and working in California, travelling from time to time to Paris to find her inspiration there.

Christa Kieffer_01 Christa Kieffer_02 Christa Kieffer_03 Christa Kieffer_04 Christa Kieffer_05 Christa Kieffer_06 Christa Kieffer_07 Christa Kieffer_08 Christa Kieffer_09 Christa Kieffer_10 Christa Kieffer_11 Christa Kieffer_12 Christa Kieffer_13 Christa Kieffer_14 Christa Kieffer_15 Christa Kieffer_16 Christa Kieffer_17 United States 18


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