Double meaning of Oleg Shuplyak’s art

I found another amazing artist from Ukraine named Oleg Shuplyak. He is mainly working in abstract, post modernistic and surrealistic manner.

He studies architecture in Lviv and he worked as a art teacher in his local school. Now he is moderately famous around the word and his paintings were exhibited in Britain.

Personally I love this great manifestation of creativity and tastefully compound many different objects that create a very harmonious composition. In addition his works convey a very philosophical message and includes many symbols. All the subjects are chosen very thoughtfully and everything has its meaning. This style reminds me of some riddle that one should solve by using both logic and emotions.

The final composition is usually the face of some famous person like Salvador Dali or John Lenon. He often uses the ukrainian themes as a part of the picture.

Oleg_01 Oleg_02 Oleg_03 Oleg_04 Oleg_05 Oleg_06 Oleg_07 Oleg_08 Oleg_09 Oleg_10 Oleg_11 Oleg_12

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