Surrealistic Illustration by Marco Piunti

As I stated before, when I see some work of art, I immediately try to find as much as possible information about the artist.

In the case if Marco Piunti I was not able to find a word about his life. So here we can only suspect what did make this artist create such a fascinating illustrations always including a comic character which is surprisingly possesses a wide range of emotions and considerations.

Sometimes he also illustrates various animals in the highly surrealistic environment.

Piunti_0 Piunti_01 Piunti_02 Piunti_03 Piunti_04 Piunti_05 Piunti_06 Piunti_07 Piunti_08 Piunti_09 Piunti_10  Piunti_12 Piunti_13 Piunti_14 Piunti_15 Piunti_16 Piunti_17 Piunti_18 Piunti_19 Piunti_20 Piunti_21


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