Isabelle Sauvineau inspiration

Isabelle Sauvineau currently lives in Quebeck.

She is a self taught artist who was considerably influence ba Amedeo Modigliani. Ther is no surprise then that her pictures are made with the greate taste and refinement. As Modigliani, Isabelle usually uses a woman’s face as the main subject matter if her works.

Another special fact about her, that she usually works in sligtly different styles ranging from pop art to the higly abstract compositions.

Sauvineau_01 Sauvineau_02 Sauvineau_03 Sauvineau_04 Sauvineau_05 Sauvineau_06 Sauvineau_07 Sauvineau_08 Sauvineau_09 Sauvineau_10 Sauvineau_11 Sauvineau_12

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