Vintage vision presented by Wendy Paula Patterson

The biggest advantage to live in such city as Munich is that the ART is everywhere here. The other day I stood by the book store I found an amazing calendar that was made out of the Vintage collages made by Wendy Paula Patterson.

Wendy is an Australian artist who is mainly working in the collage style. She carefully picks so pictures and themes from the old magazines and then created a wonderful and witty picture putting different pieces together.

The most famous collection of her prints is called Café Baudelaire involving many different objects like the picture of peacock, cages, clothing items and pictures of couples and even Marie Antoinette. Her works are made in a very romantic and charming way, bringing us back to the epoch where the beauty was in its prime.

You can find her works by following the link:

Patterson_^18 Patterson_01 Patterson_02 Patterson_03 Patterson_04 Patterson_05 Patterson_06 Patterson_07 Patterson_08 Patterson_09 Patterson_10 Patterson_11 Patterson_12 Patterson_13 Patterson_14 Patterson_15 Patterson_16 Patterson_17 Patterson_19 Patterson_20 Patterson_21 Patterson_22 Patterson_23 Patterson_24 Patterson_25 Patterson_26 Patterson_27 Patterson_28 Patterson_29 Patterson_30 Patterson_31 Patterson_32 Patterson_33 Patterson_34 Patterson_35 Patterson_36


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