Jean-Paul Avisse’s Surrealism

Jean-Paul Avisse is a French painter who is mainly working in the surrealistic style. He is famous for his unusual illustration for books and magazines with the mystical connotation.

unfortunately there is not so much information about Jean-Paul in English, but according to his works, one can assume that the artist possesses a great creativity and depth of thinking. And clearly he can be regarded as a celebrator of the women’s beauty, as almost each of his paintings involves an image of the woman as a symbol of the universe femininity.

Avisse_01 Avisse_02 Avisse_03 Avisse_04 Avisse_05 Avisse_06 Avisse_08 Avisse_09 Avisse_10 Avisse_11 Avisse_12 Avisse_13 Avisse_14 Avisse_15 Avisse_16 Avisse_17 Avisse_18 Avisse_19 Avisse_20 Avisse_21 Avisse_22


One thought on “Jean-Paul Avisse’s Surrealism

  1. I like the art but would love to name the images I saved for wallpaper with their proper names. Why does everybody post the images but not the names


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