Louis Marie de Schryver vision on the Parisian life

Louis Marie de Schyrver was born in Paris on October 12, 1862 in the time when Impressionism started its struggles against the academic manner. He was so talented, that his pictures were exibited in the Paris Salon from the very beginning. There is no wonder as the Parisian society at that time highly appreciated the simple plot with the hint of the beautiful life. Of course, each picture has one or more classic Parisian dame who was leading a nice life involving long walks and a lot of flowers. On the contrast, he pictured flower girls that serve as an opposition to the bourgeois women.

Louis Marie de Schryver_01 Louis Marie de Schryver_02 Louis Marie de Schryver_03 Louis Marie de Schryver_04 Louis Marie de Schryver_05 Louis Marie de Schryver_06 Louis Marie de Schryver_07 Louis Marie de Schryver_08 Louis Marie de Schryver_09 Louis Marie de Schryver_10 Louis Marie de Schryver_11 Louis Marie de Schryver_12 Louis Marie de Schryver_13 Louis Marie de Schryver_14 Louis Marie de Schryver_15 Louis Marie de Schryver_16 Louis Marie de Schryver_17


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