Maxwell Whitmore

Maxwell Whitmore is an American fashion illustrator and commercial artist who was famous for his picturing middle class women living their everyday lives, cooking, cleaning and caring about personal relationships. Each picture contains the image of a beautiful woman wih her own story.

Maxwell Whitmore_01 Maxwell Whitmore_2 Maxwell Whitmore_3 Maxwell Whitmore_4 Maxwell Whitmore_5 Maxwell Whitmore_6 Maxwell Whitmore_8 Maxwell Whitmore_9 Maxwell Whitmore_10 Maxwell Whitmore_11 Maxwell Whitmore_12 Maxwell Whitmore_13 Maxwell Whitmore_14 Maxwell Whitmore_19 Maxwell Whitmore_20 Maxwell Whitmore_21 Maxwell Whitmore_22 Maxwell Whitmore_26 Maxwell Whitmore_28 Maxwell Whitmore_29 Maxwell Whitmore_35 Maxwell Whitmore_38 Maxwell Whitmore_39 Maxwell Whitmore_41 Maxwell Whitmore_42 Maxwell Whitmore_43 Maxwell Whitmore_44 Maxwell Whitmore_45 Maxwell Whitmore_46 Maxwell Whitmore_47 Maxwell Whitmore_48


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