The unique style of Slava Fokk

Slava Fokk is a unique Russian painter who manages to combine the modernistic style with symbolism. His works involve a beautifully chosen palette, amazing technique, emotional fulfilment and great sense of humor.

The artist currently lives and works in California. He is already very successful and his works were exhibited around the world.

Fokk_01 Fokk_02 Fokk_003 Fokk_04 Fokk_05 Fokk_06 Fokk_07 Fokk_08 Fokk_09 Fokk_10 Fokk_11 Fokk_12 Fokk_13 Fokk_14 Fokk_15 Fokk_16 Fokk_17 Fokk_18 Fokk_19 Fokk_20 Fokk_21 Fokk_22 Fokk_23 Fokk_24 Fokk_25 Fokk_26 Fokk_27 Fokk_28 Fokk_29 Fokk_30 Fokk_31 Fokk_32 Fokk_33 Fokk_34 Fokk_35 Fokk_36 Fokk_37 Fokk_38 Fokk_39 Fokk_40 Fokk_42 Fokk_43 Fokk_44 Fokk_45 Fokk_46 Fokk_47


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