Impressionistic vision by Iris Scott

Iris Scott is a 28 years old American painter who is mainly working with Finger / hand painting technique. Iris is a very pretty girl that creates a wonderful pictures that involve a bright palette and very dynamic images. She is considered to be a contemporary representative of Impressionism and she usually paints wearing her gloves and painting directly with her fingers.

She searches her inspiration in photography and she sketches a lot before getting down to painting. Another important component of her working process is a rightly chosen eclectic music that helps her fingers to move on the canvas.


One can definitely agree that the paintings created by Iris are glowing with energy and create a very positive impression of a surrounding world.


Iris Scott_49 Iris Scott_48 Iris Scott_47 Iris Scott_46 Iris Scott_45 Iris Scott_44 Iris Scott_43 Iris Scott_42 Iris Scott_41 Iris Scott_40 Iris Scott_39 Iris Scott_38 Iris Scott_37 Iris Scott_36 Iris Scott_35 Iris Scott_34 Iris Scott_32 Iris Scott_31 Iris Scott_30 Iris Scott_29 Iris Scott_28 Iris Scott_27 Iris Scott_26 Iris Scott_25 Iris Scott_24 Iris Scott_23 Iris Scott_22 Iris Scott_21 Iris Scott_20 Iris Scott_19 Iris Scott_18 Iris Scott_17 Iris Scott_16 Iris Scott_15 Iris Scott_14 Iris Scott_13 Iris Scott_12 Iris Scott_11 Iris Scott_10 Iris Scott_09 Iris Scott_08 Iris Scott_07  Iris Scott_05 Iris Scott_04 Iris Scott_03


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