Palette knife art by Howard Behrens

Howard Behrens is an very famous American artist that uses the technique of Palette knife.

For the past 25 years Howard was travelling around the world and was trying to capture the most beautiful places on his canvas. His pictures are usually very glowing and positive, involving tenderness of the nature and romance. He can be regarded as a contemporary Impressionist because of the tastefully chosen palette and the topic of his works.

Howard Behrens_01 Howard Behrens_02 Howard Behrens_03 Howard Behrens_04 Howard Behrens_05 Howard Behrens_06 Howard Behrens_07 Howard Behrens_08 Howard Behrens_09 Howard Behrens_10 Howard Behrens_11 Howard Behrens_12 Howard Behrens_13 Howard Behrens_14 Howard Behrens_16 Howard Behrens_15


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