Russian Hyperrealism by Peter Kozlov

Peter Kozlov is a very skilful painter that creates colourful pictures that look like a photograpy. He paints with oil and his works have a tendency to move to Hyperrealism. The most frequent subject matter of his works is a still life that usually involves fruits. What is amazing about Peter is his great attention to details. Each of his picture is a thoughtfully arranged composition of highly realistic palette and very destinct lines.

The artist was born in Siberia in Omsk in 1967. Now he lives and works in Moscow.

Kozlov_01 Kozlov_25 Kozlov_24 Kozlov_23 Kozlov_22 Kozlov_21 Kozlov_20 Kozlov_19 Kozlov_18 Kozlov_17 Kozlov_16 Kozlov_15 Kozlov_14 Kozlov_13 Kozlov_12 Kozlov_11 Kozlov_10 Kozlov_09 Kozlov_08 Kozlov_07 Kozlov_06 Kozlov_05 Kozlov_03 Kozlov_02


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