Games of mind by Deenesh Ghyczy

Deenesh Ghyczy is a German artist who found a very interesting way to picture a reality that can be seen though the glass that doubles the reflection.  His works are full of philosophical melancholy as well as a manifestation of the different sides of the same reality. He plays with the consciousness idea and human nature as something that has not been yet fully exploded.

Deenesh Ghyczy_01 Deenesh Ghyczy_02 Deenesh Ghyczy_03 Deenesh Ghyczy_04 Deenesh Ghyczy_05 Deenesh Ghyczy_06 Deenesh Ghyczy_07 Deenesh Ghyczy_08 Deenesh Ghyczy_10 Deenesh Ghyczy_11 Deenesh Ghyczy_19


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