F. Scott Hess

F. Scott Hess is an American artist. First he was working on his drawing and printmaking technique, and later in 1979 he started painting. He studied and lived in Vienna for almost six years and then he came back to Los Angeles to foster his career as an artist.

Now he is very famous and honoured  artist that exhibits his works around the world and teaches art in University.

His style is very interesting involving a very precise technique and great deal of imagination and deep understanding of the human soul. The paintings are quite allegorical and one can suggest that they have the elements of magical realism and hyperrealism that is so popular right now.

Hess_21 Hess_20 Hess_19 Hess_18 Hess_17 Hess_16 Hess_15 Hess_14 Hess_13 Hess_12 Hess_11 Hess_10 Hess_09 Hess_08 Hess_07 Hess_06 Hess_05 Hess_04 Hess_03 Hess_02 Hess_01

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