Chris Dellorco

Chris Dellorco is a self taught artist, who started his art path as an Dysney’s illustrator. Later he was also illustrating many famous movie posters and he was recognized in Holywood for that. Along with the painting, Chris directed and written a short fil that has been internationally recognized.

As a painter, he is very commited to the picturing nude female bodies that are surrounded by quite magical environment with the elements of symbolism.

Chris Dellorco_01 Chris Dellorco_02 Chris Dellorco_03 Chris Dellorco_04 Chris Dellorco_05 Chris Dellorco_06 Chris Dellorco_07 Chris Dellorco_08 Chris Dellorco_09 Chris Dellorco_10 Chris Dellorco_11 Chris Dellorco_12 Chris Dellorco_13 Chris Dellorco_14 Chris Dellorco_15 Chris Dellorco_16 Chris Dellorco_17 Chris Dellorco_18 Chris Dellorco_19 Chris Dellorco_20 Chris Dellorco_21 Chris Dellorco_22 Chris Dellorco_23 Chris Dellorco_24 Chris Dellorco_25 Chris Dellorco_26 Chris Dellorco_27 Chris Dellorco_28 Chris Dellorco_29 Chris Dellorco_30 Chris Dellorco_31 Chris Dellorco_32 Chris Dellorco_33 Chris Dellorco_34 Chris Dellorco_35 Chris Dellorco_36 Chris Dellorco_37 Chris Dellorco_38 Chris Dellorco_39 Chris Dellorco_40 Chris Dellorco_41 Chris Dellorco_42 Chris Dellorco_43 Chris Dellorco_44 Chris Dellorco_45 Chris Dellorco_46 Chris Dellorco_47

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