Agita Keiri’s feminine world

Agita Keiri is a Latvian painter who has found her own style in compounding modern technique with the shapes and themes of Northern renaissance, particularly Lucas Cranach.

Agita tends to picture very simple scenes, but excessively using the symbolic objects such flowers, particularly stressing the connection between the woman and the nature. She also emphasises the bond between the mother and the child in a very feminine way.

 She is already quite internationally recognized and her works were exhibited at the Andrew’s Art Museum (North Carolina), Toronto Art Expo, and Art Expo New York.


Agita Keiri_123 Agita Keiri_120 Agita Keiri_119 Agita Keiri_31 Agita Keiri_30 Agita Keiri_29 Agita Keiri_28 Agita Keiri_27 Agita Keiri_25 Agita Keiri_24 Agita Keiri_22 Agita Keiri_21 Agita Keiri_18 Agita Keiri_17 Agita Keiri_16 Agita Keiri_15 Agita Keiri_13 Agita Keiri_12 Agita Keiri_11 Agita Keiri_09 Agita Keiri_08 Agita Keiri_07 Agita Keiri_06 Agita Keiri_05 Agita Keiri_04 Agita Keiri_03 Agita Keiri_02 Agita Keiri_01


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