Still life by Aaron Lifferth

Aaron Lifferth is an artist that dedicated all his free time to painting, because he the art is a part of him. He says that art defined the man he became and he especially enjoys the process of painting. He considers the art as the biggest challenge of his life and he tries to learn as much as possible from the artist he admires.

Indeed, the best way to improve yourself is to be inspired by great people and take the best out of them while searching for your own niche and own unique features. Aaron turned the simple still life into rather impressionistic masterpiece with the silent elements of cubism.

Aaron Lifferth_01 Aaron Lifferth_60 Aaron Lifferth_59 Aaron Lifferth_58 Aaron Lifferth_57 Aaron Lifferth_56 Aaron Lifferth_55 Aaron Lifferth_54 Aaron Lifferth_53 Aaron Lifferth_52 Aaron Lifferth_51 Aaron Lifferth_50 Aaron Lifferth_49 Aaron Lifferth_48 Aaron Lifferth_47 Aaron Lifferth_46 Aaron Lifferth_45 Aaron Lifferth_44 Aaron Lifferth_43 Aaron Lifferth_42 Aaron Lifferth_41 Aaron Lifferth_40 Aaron Lifferth_39 Aaron Lifferth_38 Aaron Lifferth_37 Aaron Lifferth_36 Aaron Lifferth_35 Aaron Lifferth_34 Aaron Lifferth_33 Aaron Lifferth_32 Aaron Lifferth_31 Aaron Lifferth_30 Aaron Lifferth_29 Aaron Lifferth_27 Aaron Lifferth_26 Aaron Lifferth_25 Aaron Lifferth_24 Aaron Lifferth_23 Aaron Lifferth_22 Aaron Lifferth_21 Aaron Lifferth_20 Aaron Lifferth_19 Aaron Lifferth_18 Aaron Lifferth_17 Aaron Lifferth_16 Aaron Lifferth_15 Aaron Lifferth_14 Aaron Lifferth_13 Aaron Lifferth_12 Aaron Lifferth_11 Aaron Lifferth_10 Aaron Lifferth_09 Aaron Lifferth_08 Aaron Lifferth_06 Aaron Lifferth_05 Aaron Lifferth_03 Aaron Lifferth_02

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