Women by Al Saralis

Al is a professional British painter who born and brought up in South Wales and now lives and works in Hampshire. The artist is particularly inspired by a human body, especial he tends to pictures nude female figures in  a very simple environment. When I look at his compositions, I get an impression of solitude that goes along with a deep consideration. It feels like the subject of his painting tries to look inside and find there some answers.

As all famouse artists, he was influenced by the trip to Florence, the city of the great Michelangelo.

Al exhibits his works at the galleries in Hampshire, Woodstock and London.

Al Saralis_16 Al Saralis_15 Al Saralis_14 Al Saralis_13 Al Saralis_12 Al Saralis_11 Al Saralis_10 Al Saralis_09 Al Saralis_08 Al Saralis_07 Al Saralis_06 Al Saralis_05 Al Saralis_04 Al Saralis_03 Al Saralis_02 Al Saralis_01


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