Milind Mulick’s Watercolours

Milind Mulick is a famous Indian painter, who creates a wonderful watercolors. He plays with tones, shadows, shapes and colors.

In his personal blog he states that he was painting for the last 22 year and he is a true master of the landscapes and portraits.

He lives in Pune, India with wife Keerti & two sons, Satej and Harshawardhan.

Milind Mulick_01 Milind Mulick_02 Milind Mulick_03 Milind Mulick_04 Milind Mulick_05 Milind Mulick_06 Milind Mulick_07 Milind Mulick_08 Milind Mulick_09 Milind Mulick_10 Milind Mulick_11 Milind Mulick_12 Milind Mulick_13 Milind Mulick_14 Milind Mulick_15 Milind Mulick_16 Milind Mulick_17 Milind Mulick_18 Milind Mulick_19 Milind Mulick_20 Milind Mulick_21 Milind Mulick_22

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