Ludmila Curilova and her view on femininity

Ludmila Curilova is a Moldavian painter, that was raised in a very creative environment. Her father was a designer and scene painter and her mom was a ballerina.  She was later studying art in Kishenev and she has already exhibited her works in Russia and Moldova.

Her pictures can be regarded as a fusion of romance and vintage era. The main subject matter of her pictures is a woman who is always surrounded by some symbolic environment and is dressed in a certain way that emphasises her status and emotional setting.

Ludmila Curilova_01 Ludmila Curilova_02 Ludmila Curilova_03 Ludmila Curilova_04 Ludmila Curilova_05 Ludmila Curilova_06 Ludmila Curilova_07 Ludmila Curilova_08 Ludmila Curilova_09 Ludmila Curilova_10 Ludmila Curilova_11 Ludmila Curilova_12


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