Transparency by Ester Roi

Ester Roi is an Italian painter, who managed to find own technique that allows her to create wonderful pictures that are so rich with colors and shapes.

Ester showed her creative inclination in a very early age, being able to create and improve different things with her own hands.

Now she became a true master of color, using colored pencils, artist crayons and oil pastels to create and unforgettable images of rocks and flowers. She finds the water to be a representative of the world of fantasy and imagination. In one interview she said that she loves to picture the transparency.

Ester Roi_14 Ester Roi_13 Ester Roi_12 Ester Roi_11 Ester Roi_10 Ester Roi_09 Ester Roi_08 Ester Roi_07 Ester Roi_06 Ester Roi_05 Ester Roi_04 Ester Roi_03 Ester Roi_02 Ester Roi_01


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