Watercolors by Jinnie May

Jinnie May has been painting since her childhood, however then she chose pharmacy as her occupation. But luckily she did not stop painting, and later Jinnie became a well-recognized watercolor artist. She is a member of The New Jersey Watercolor Society, The Philadelphia Watercolor Society, The Baltimore Watercolor Society, Landscape Artists International, and Best of Watercolor Artists.com. Since 2004 she received different awards including Best in Shows.

The main subjects matter of her works are nature, people and cities.

Jinnie May_01 Jinnie May_02 Jinnie May_03 Jinnie May_04 Jinnie May_05 Jinnie May_06 Jinnie May_07 Jinnie May_08 Jinnie May_09 Jinnie May_10 Jinnie May_11 Jinnie May_12 Jinnie May_13 Jinnie May_14 Jinnie May_15 Jinnie May_16 Jinnie May_17 Jinnie May_18 Jinnie May_19 Jinnie May_20 Jinnie May_21


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