Surrealism by Vahram Davtian

Vahram Davtian is a contemporary Armenian painter that represents Surrealism. He uses symbols to describe the people’s behaviour and patterns that are too strong to destroy.

The main attraction of his works is a skillfully created images and complicated themes.

Vahram Davtian_01 Vahram Davtian_02 Vahram Davtian_03 Vahram Davtian_04 Vahram Davtian_4 Vahram Davtian_05 Vahram Davtian_06 Vahram Davtian_07 Vahram Davtian_08 Vahram Davtian_09 Vahram Davtian_10 Vahram Davtian_11 Vahram Davtian_12 Vahram Davtian_13 Vahram Davtian_17 Vahram Davtian_18


2 thoughts on “Surrealism by Vahram Davtian

  1. ola,
    comprei, há anos um quadro nao escritório de arte sérgio caribé e gostaria de saber se é de Vahram Davtian


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