Thomas Levy-Lasne and his silent provocation

Thomas Levy-Lasne is a French painter who mainly paints people in different, sometimes rather shocking situation. Teenager kissing at the party, nude pregnant women, gay men hugging each other, an old man lying on his death-bed  and more – these are all the topics of his paintings. In one of his paintings he depicted people at the gallery looking at the Courbet’s painting “Sleep”, where two naked women fell asleep at each others embrace. Gustave Courbet is one of the most scandalous painter in the whole history of art, particularly because of the provocative topics of his works ( Origin of the world).

I would say that the fact that Thomas used the Courbet’s painting as a subject matter tells us that the artist wanted to use this symbol as proclamation of the free spirit that was so typical for Courbet.

Thomas_01 Thomas_02 Thomas_03 Thomas_04 Thomas_05 Thomas_06 Thomas_07 Thomas_08 Thomas_09 Thomas_10 Thomas_11 Thomas_12 Thomas_13 Thomas_14 Thomas_15 Thomas_16 Thomas_17 Thomas_18 Thomas_19 Thomas_20 Thomas_21 Thomas_22 Thomas_23 Thomas_24 Thomas_25 Thomas_26 Thomas_27 Thomas_28 Thomas_29 Thomas_30 Thomas_31 Thomas_32 Thomas_33 Thomas_34 Thomas_35 Thomas_36 Thomas_37

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