Javier Mulio

Javier Mulio is a Spanish painter that is famous by his wonderful hyper-realistic paintings. He studied art in Spain  and then continued his life being a professional painter. The most frequently objects depicted on his still lifes are skilfully painted glass, fruit and liquid  accompanied by the light and transparency in a very simple surrounding.

He spent his childhood being surrounded by the artistic environment and that encouraged him to chose the painting as a life passion.

Javier Mulio_13

Javier Mulio_12

Javier Mulio_11

Javier Mulio_10

Javier Mulio_09

Javier Mulio_08

Javier Mulio_07

Javier Mulio_06

Javier Mulio_05

Javier Mulio_04

Javier Mulio_03 Javier Mulio_02

Javier Mulio_01



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