Portaits by Yan Yaya

Yan Yaya is a Chinese painter, who can be considered as a master of emotional portraits. She captures the life of ordinary people and conveys their feeling particularly concentration on their eyes.

She is very famous in China and throughout the country and her works paintings are collected by many galleries and collectors. She won the China’s Best New Artist award and many other prestigious awards.

yan yaya_26 yan yaya_25 yan yaya_24 yan yaya_23 yan yaya_22 yan yaya_21 yan yaya_20 yan yaya_19 yan yaya_18 yan yaya_17 yan yaya_16 yan yaya_15 yan yaya_14 yan yaya_13 yan yaya_11 yan yaya_10 yan yaya_08 yan yaya_07 yan yaya_06 yan yaya_05 yan yaya_04 yan yaya_03 yan yaya_02 yan yaya_01


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